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Silver: A Stable Investment in Unstable Times

If you've seen the rest of the posts on this site, you know that the American people may be headed for some tough times under the Big Government jackboot. Constitutional rights are being eroded, our politicians are wholly owned subsidiaries of banking conglomerates, and now even military war machine drones will be flying over our US cities. Should a dictatorship ever be installed in the US, disorder will be certain to arise.

The American people are the most heavily armed on the planet, and there will be widespread fighting and chaos as they overthrow the dictatorial regime. Due to these events, many Americans are wisely preparing for the day when our relatively comfortable way of life comes to an end. Prudent citizens are storing up food, firearms, ammunition, and planning for a place to go when martial law is enacted in the USA. However, one critical aspect of survival and well-being is not often considered: finances.

american silver eagle coin

An American Silver Eagle coin

Think about it: in the event of a severe social upheaval caused by martial law, the power to purchase things will still be very important. Most people make all kinds of disaster preparations without ever considering that their credit cards will not work or the bank will be shut down. In fact, credit card processing centers will cease to function and banks will most likely be broken into and looted. This will cause your money to be completely inaccessible to you.

There is also the possibility that the government will collapse entirely, thus nullifying the value of the US Dollar. Unless you have a supply of everything you will need (food, water, hygiene supplies, medicine, ammunition, etc.) that will last anywhere from a couple of months to several years (depending on the severity of the situation at hand) you should be concerned.

A sound protection against financial disasters of this sort is silver. Silver has been used as currency for over 4000 years and is still universally recognized as being valuable. It is best used as a hedge against monetary catastrophe. This is because in times of economic recession, governments often print more money as a temporary remedy to the deficit, devaluing the currency in the long run. An extreme example of this is the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, where citizens could be seen purchasing a single loaf of bread for a wheelbarrow full of now-worthless paper currency. The Dollar, Euro, and Yen may rise, fall, and even collapse. But an ounce of silver is always an ounce of silver, no matter what is happening with the rest of the economy. Silver will always hold value regardless of what currency is in use at the time or what kind of government is in power.

ron paul holding silver coin

Congressman Ron Paul advocates a return to a currency based on commodities, including silver.

In conclusion, we may be heading into some dire straits, and making preparations for financial survival is no different than storing food and water. You must prepare for collapse now.  Silver is a universal storehouse of value that will help you protect your assets through the worst inflation and even total governmental collapse.

Congressman Ron Paul, who has an illustrious track record of fighting for Americans' liberties, has advocated the use of silver as legal tender. It would be wise to invest at least a small portion of your savings in silver coins or bars to protect yourself against complete financial ruin.

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  2. Peoples labor will create more stuff so the size of the ecmoony increases with the population. Central banks (the federal reserve in the US) increase the currency and credit available to support the economic growth. When money was based on the gold standard and the money supply was fixed, prices fell with increased production, but the economic growth rates were low compared to today.Most money is really credit or promises to pay and currency is the unit of measure. We make most of our payments with checks or credit cards, not cash.The population growth in the world is slowing down and is expected to stabilize in about 2050, If it were to continue to soar we would eventually run out of food and resources, but that is not expected to happen, but if it did money would be the least of our worries. Was this answer helpful?

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