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Glimpse of Martial Law, Taste of What is Coming, Ask Boston

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America Scared into Submission

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Likelihood of Martial Law in 2013 Increasing

*****This is a special report.  Situation has deteriorated significantly*****

Top five reasons why martial law could happen in the second half of 2013:2nd Amendment Under Attack

1. The regime continues their ambitious propaganda campaign in an effort to eventually abolish the 2nd Amendment.  The recent staged false flag attacks in Connecticut and Colorado have set in motion a powerful PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION scenario which the media fully supports and gleefully propagates.  Law abiding citizens' ability to protect themselves is now in a delicate state as Big Brother has gained the upper hand in the war on the easily manipulated masses.  Many peasants seem eager to give up their rights in the false belief that law enforcement will protect them.


2.  This same regime continues to arm themselves with massive purchases of weapons and ammo.  It has been confirmed over 2 billion bullets have recently been secured by the US Government.  Alex Jones claims to have information that target practice is now routinely carried out using what looks like paper targets depicting Caucasian US Citizens.

3.  Many gun manufacturers have raised concerns regarding the hypocrisy whereby a government supposedly 'for the people by the people' is seemingly shutting out individual citizens in the firearms market while the regime prepares for martial law and civil war against the very same citizenry.  In a stand which is sure to escalate tensions, many of these manufactures are now vowing to supply the citizenry before satisfying government demand.  This type of situation eerily feels like a prelude to war in itself.

Crazed High Level Operative

4.  The Attorney General, the lead criminal mastermind of Fast & Furious, was unable to clearly answer Senator Rand Paul's questions regarding the regime's use of weaponized drones over US skies being used to hunt down US Citizens on US soil.  Conflicting answers raise scary questions regarding the right to a fair trial or even the right to live.  What was once a great country has become something of a Terminator sequel far more advanced than what Orwell conceived when he wrote 1984.


This is the nature of the Global Bankers

5.  Financial shocks are on the way.  Folks are tired of hearing about the debt ceiling debate, the fiscal cliff and now sequester. The truth is none of that really matters since the regime will spend more this year than last.  There is no cut in spending whatsoever.  What you need to worry about is getting your money out of the banks before they implement exactly what is happening in Cyprus.  The evil EU and IMF have decided to literally steal money from depositors to pay for their good friends reckless behavior.  The global banking cartels and their interests now operate as gangsters in full view for the world to see.  These banksters literally run the world and will not be happy until the population starts declining due to economic fear, senseless wars and massive death and destruction.  The stock market does not reflect the state of the economy or the real world.  Do not let your guard down for a minute.


Get yourself and your family prepared.  The government is preparing while you are sitting on your ass!


With Sadness the Flame of Liberty Goes Dark in Nebraska

Nebraska held the final state GOP convention on Saturday July 14th which, little does the public realize, has sealed America's fate.  In order for Doctor Paul to be formally nominated at the national convention in Tampa he needs a "plurality of the delegates from each  of 5 or more states" which according to the GOP is now impossible.  This is the final nail in the coffin of the Liberty Movement's political arm.  Ron Paul's courageous attempt to restore the principles of our founders and thereby right this sinking ship is now over.  We must face this reality.  Perhaps the lesson here is that one should never underestimate mankind's willful ignorance, vulnerabilities to long-term generational media brainwashing, and sheer lack of intelligence even when the future of humanity hangs in the balance.

Come November the public will participate in a staged, meaningless, and largely ceremonial election.  Some know it, most don't.  To this day, finding any true Mitt Romney supporters besides those linked to Bain Capital remains a difficult task.  Of course this baffles those with true convictions and an understanding of the reality we live in today.  Ron Paul offered voters a way out of the madness, a way out of the nightmare that's been brewing for a long time, the opportunity to take the country back from destructive forces and their special interests.  Yet, it seems, the people have spoken and so the empire will continue to be the policeman of the world, will continue to move towards an all out police state and it will certainly head towards total financial and societal collapse.  Martial Law draws closer but as the saying goes, "Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul!"

As I reflect on the only modern-day true American patriot, I realize Ron Paul deserves much credit and praise for fighting the good fight.  Keep in mind, he will be 77 years old soon.  He went above and beyond what most people that age could muster just from a physical aspect.  The campaign wasn't perfect, they made many mistakes, but the man himself is a living legend and will be remembered as such.

For me personally, the result in Nebraska isn't going to change my vote at the ballot box.  After donating several hundred dollars to the campaign I will definitely follow through and write-in Doctor Paul's name as well as continue to promote his ideas until the day I die.  I suspect all the true lovers of liberty will do the same.

But for now we must put aside these ridiculous politics and prepare, more than ever, for the imminent demise and the total breakdown of society after Obama is reelected.  My sources are telling me that Mitt Romney will play a role similar to John McCain's part in the 2008 staged election.

Obama's second term will allow for free reign to destabilize the globe, usher in Socialism to an even quicker extent, and create all kinds of horrible conditions and social tensions here and around the world.  For these reasons, I highly recommend that you view this guide as a way to secure the well being of you and your family.  Sadly, a vote for Ron Paul just isn't enough to ensure your family's future.  The game is rigged and civil unrest could be upon us very soon.  However, if you prepare well and use that valuable information then you can probably ride out the coming hell storm.